Regular Cupcakes: $30.00/dozen

Regular Donuts: $33.00/dozen

Mini Cupcakes: $18.00/dozen**

Mini Donuts: $21.00/dozen**

Cake Pops: $30.00/dozen

Sassy Cups: $18.00/dozen

Cake Gems: $21.00/dozen

Cookies: $18.00/dozen**

Gourmet Cookies: $24.00/dozen

Gourmet Marshmallows: $36.00/3 dozen

Macarons: $27.00/dozen**

Mini Meringues: $24.00/ 3 dozen

Specialty designs, flavours and decor may result in an increase in price. Please inquire for a full quote
**Macarons, Cookies and Mini Cupcakes/Donuts require a minimum of 2 dozen per shell colour/flavour.

Cakes: Cake pricing ranges from $45.00 to $5500.00. Each cake is custom created and priced based on number of servings, custom additions and design. Please inquire for a full quote.

Sweet Tables: Sweet tables are by custom order and created to fit your needs. Pricing is based on the amount of desserts, the cake, and any platter rentals required. Please inquire for a full quote.

Cakes and Sweet Tables

Specialty Desserts